How can I sync my phone and my desktop?

Episode 1353 (13:10)

John from San Diego, CA

John is frustrated with the program called AirDroid to sync files back and forth from his mobile device and his PC. Leo says that there was a security flaw that would allow an attacker to intercept user data, so they changed the program to eliminate the bug. Unfortunately, as a result, it made the program pretty useless.

Leo says that Pushbullet may work, but there's also BitTorrent Sync by Resilio. It works from just about any platform back and forth. It uses a QR Code to sync the phone to the desktop. Another option is a cloud storage sync like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

He could even just sync with a USB cable, or use an OTG cable to plug in a hard drive.

Leo uses a Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) and software called Cloud Station to do it.