Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1352 (1:49:30)

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D is back from CES and he does the show differently than others, looking for crazy gadgets. The crazier the better. But he also found some useful things. Like the In & Motion Air Vest, which is an airbag for extreme athletes. You wear it like a vest, and it has sensors built in to measure what is happening. If something like you falling off a horse or motorcycle happens, the airbag will trigger. Cost is expected to be about $800.

To get more info, and to fill out the form to enter being a test subject, visit


The next gadget is the Folding Mate, a gadget which will fold your clothes for you. There's also a steam cycle to steam them if they're wrinkled. At three-feet-high this robotic folding machine is probably not good for appartments, but perfect bigger families who have space, or even a dedicated laundry room. The company says the FoldiMate will take crumpled shirts, tops and trousers and not only fold them, but help them look neater with a bit of steam to get rid of wrinkles. This isn't inexpensive, and is is expected to cost between $700 and $850. Considering it's said to take only ten seconds to fold each item and that it can fold 15 to 20 pieces of clothing and deliver it at the bottom of the machine, neatly piled up, it could be worth it. (Evidently this company is not brand new in this area and have been making a commercial version for the past few years, so it makes sense for them to bring their know how to the home market.

https://www.foldimate.com/ (There's a video on their website, or here:)


But it won't be available until next year.