Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1351 (53:56)

Johnny Jet

New app - Tunity. Listen to the audio for any TV that's been muted. Great for being in lounges and bars where you can't really listen to the audio. iOS and Android. All you need to do is use your camera to sync with the video image and Tunity will give you the audio for it. You can even fine tune the sync.

Website - Best for long haul traveling in Coach .... Google Seat Guru and Long Haul. It will give you a comparison chart for all the seats in economy class on a set airplane, what kind of power port, video options, how wide the seats are, seat pitch, etc.

Travel Tip - Be mindful of travel scams. Before you go on trips, do research on state department advice on traveling to a set country. They have travel advisories for scams.

(See the original guest appearance on episode 1291 of The Tech Guy.)