How can I learn programming?

Episode 1351 (15:01)

Brennon from Dallas, TX
Learn to Program with Minecraft book

Brennon wants to learn how to program. Leo says learning how to write computer code will give him a deeper understanding on how computers work. This will take him from being merely a consumer, to being a maker. Minecraft can be a fun way to learn programming. He can even do it with a Raspberry Pi for $35. It comes with the software used to write programs and he can do it inside of Minecraft.

A great book is Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson.

Leo encourages Brennon to learn Linux. Raspbian is a good place to start, and Python is a good first language to learn. Ultimately, he shouldn't just learn how to tell a computer what to do, he'll want to learn how to express problems and solve them.

(See the original question on episode 1282 of The Tech Guy.)