How can I delete all the images from my iPhone?

Episode 1351 (45:00)

Tim from Oregon City, CA
Apple iPhone 6s

Tim doesn't want to use iCloud for backing up his images because he uses Android, while his wife uses the iPhone. Leo says that he can buy 200GB for about $3 a month. Not a bad price. But there are plenty of other choices out there. Google Photos is an amazing solution for both Android and iPhone.

But how much space does he need for iCloud with Apple? Leo says that Apple doesn't make it easy. He should back up his photos to Google before he does anything else. It also wouldn't hurt to back up to Flickr, where he'd get 1TB for free, and if he's an Amazon Prime member, he can back up all of his photos for free. Then, if he wants, he can just turn off iCloud and delete all his photos. He also has Western Digital's MyCloud storage, and he can get the photos copied to that, but they still take up space on his phone. This is where Apple's iCloud may be better, because it automatically keeps a lower resolution photo on the phone and puts the high resolution version in the cloud. It is designed to work together better. To delete all photos on the iPhone, he should check out this article from

The chatroom says - In the Photos App, he should select the album, then drag his finger across all the photos and delete. But if he pays for iCloud, he can mass delete quite easily and Leo says that's not by accident.

(See the original question on episode 1273 of The Tech Guy.)