Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1351 (1:48:00)

Chris Marquardt

This week Chris joins us to talk about how you can develop photographic super powers! Since the 4th just happened, the best place to start is how to shoot fireworks! Fireworks require a tripod because you need an exposure of about 10 seconds. You have to set your camera to manual, though. Automatic won't work. You should get a remote release that allows you to trip the shutter without touching the camera. Set the shutter for 10 seconds, aperture at f11, ISO at 100. That's a good place to start. Then check if it works and adjust accordingly. You'll also need to set the focus to manual so it won't move in and out. Chris says you can focus on the first few fireworks with your autofocus and once you have it locked, turn to manual. White Balance at about 3600K. Set your brightness to the lowest possible. Also, get there early so you can find your best possible location with landmarks to make it the most compelling with backgrounds.

(See the original guest appearance on episode 1304 of The Tech Guy.)