Should I get a Google Pixel with Verizon?

Episode 1350 (1:44:14)

Rick from Torrance, CA
Google Pixel

Rick wants to know about the new Google Pixel. He wants to leave Verizon but they're working overtime to lure him back. What he wants to know is if the Pixel from Verizon is the same as the Google version. Leo says that he used a Verizon Pixel with a T-Mobile SIM and it was functionally the same. Verizon may hold up updates, though. Google Fi may have that same problem because you have to use Verizon's network with it.

The Pixel is great though, and if they're going to give him one, it could be worth it. If he's unhappy with the service, though, why would he want to still be stuck with it? Google Fi is much better because there's no international data roaming. Rick should go with Google Fi and the Pixel, and just pay for it.