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Watch Greg from Toronto, CAN Comments

Greg lost his iPhone and wants to know how to use Find My iPhone to locate it. Leo says as long as Find My iPhone is turned on, he should be OK. If it was put it in Airplane Mode, it won't broadcast because the radios are turned off, though. It's probably lost, and even if someone could find it, Greg has a complicated password and it'll wipe the device after 10 attempts.

After he contacted his ISP to get it bricked, he got hacked. Is that related? Leo says that Apple makes it difficult to allow someone who has taken the phone to reset it, but he can't say it's unrelated, he just doesn't know how. Greg should change his passwords immediately and set up two factor authentication. It's likely that they got his account as part of the Yahoo hack and got in that way.

Watch Ann from Studio City, CA Comments

Ann got an email notification from Yahoo in her inbox. She had a hunch it was bogus but didn't do anything with it. Can she still get hacked if she opens it but doesn't click on any links? Leo says that a bad guy has to get her to run a program. Leo says that opening the email is relatively harmless, so long as she doesn't click on any links.

Watch Howard from Chatsworth, CA Comments

David is worried that his account may have been hacked as part of the big Yahoo hack. Leo says it could have, and he should change his password immediately. Yahoo is notoriously terrible with their email security and no one knows if it'll improve when Verizon buys it. Leo advises opening up a GMail account and then set it to get his Yahoo Mail. He can then move all his old email over, disconnect Gmail from Yahoo, and delete everything from his Yahoo account.

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Watch Keith from Orange County, CA Comments

Keith has three Android phones that are all acting up. They take forever to read and boot up. Leo says that Keith can do a complete reset and restore, but he can also do a deeper reset, which will wipe everything including the cache. His Transformer may also need a new SSD, as they do wear out.

It may also be that it needs TRIM with an Android update. Keith should press and hold on/off and the volume up button at the same time. It'll get him into the Admin menu so he can reset it completely. The bottom line, though, is that the devices are all pretty old now and they could just be wearing out.

Watch Glen from Canyon Country, CA Comments

Glen's new home is being wired for outdoor speakers for a home theater setup. What kind of surround sound system should he get, 5.1 or 7.2? Leo says that 5.1 will be fine. He'll have three speakers in front, and then two in the back, plus a subwoofer. He should get wired speakers. He'll want the surrounds at "ear height."

How about a receiver that can handle two different rooms with two different channels? Leo says that is known as "zones," but Leo says it's more inconvenient. For that, Leo recommends Sonos and their wireless sound system. Each room is then controlled separately through an app. It does do 5.1 surround through a sound bar.

Watch Debbie from Calabasas, CA Comments

Debbie has a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and she wants to view the manual, but they don't have it in English. Leo says that Samsung makes different phones for different regions and it sounds like Debbie's is for a different region. The only real difference is the radios that are in it. She can download a PDF version of the manual, that's not a big deal, but she'll want to be sure it's compatible with the carrier she uses and the data bands she'll want.

Leo advises going to GSMArena to see, as well as XDA Developers. She should look for her model.

Are there security issues? Not at all. But if she's concerned, she can turn on encryption where possible and use a password vault.

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Watch Lori from Napa, CA Comments

Lori has an iPad and was backing up regularly to iCloud, but when she connected it to iTunes, it said she hadn't backed up since January. Leo says that the iCloud backups won't show up in iTunes. That will only show her the last time she directly connected it to the computer.

Lori's main concern though is that when she connected that iPad to the computer, it acted like it was a new iPad and asked if she wanted to start new. Leo says it won't do that, though. It's just the wording of the message that's off-putting. Selecting the option to start new in this case won't erase the iPad.

Watch Rick from Torrance, CA Comments

Rick wants to know about the new Google Pixel. He wants to leave Verizon but they're working overtime to lure him back. What he wants to know is if the Pixel from Verizon is the same as the Google version. Leo says that he used a Verizon Pixel with a T-Mobile SIM and it was functionally the same. Verizon may hold up updates, though. Google Fi may have that same problem because you have to use Verizon's network with it.

The Pixel is great though, and if they're going to give him one, it could be worth it. If he's unhappy with the service, though, why would he want to still be stuck with it? Google Fi is much better because there's no international data roaming. Rick should go with Google Fi and the Pixel, and just pay for it.

Watch Mike from Calabassas, CA Comments

Mike got an error message that something had stopped working when he installed DropBox. He uninstalled it, but the error is still popping up. Leo says it sounds like the uninstall didn't get rid of all the necessary files and so the Windows registry keeps referring to them. He should go to DropBox and see if they have a removal tool. He can check his services in Task Manager too. That will tell him what it is and he can at least disable it.

Leo also recommends using Microsoft's SysInternals. There's some apps in there, including AutoRuns and Process Explorer, and they should help him narrow the issue down. He can then use Piriform's CCleaner to clean up the registry. Mike should do a backup first. He can also just try reinstalling DropBox and see if that fixes it.

Watch Bret from New Jersey Comments

Bret doesn't want to do the anniversary update on his Windows 10 machine because it causes issues. Leo says that Microsoft isn't really giving users a choice now. He also really needs the security fixes for it so that moving forward, he can continue to update it. He may be able to defer it, but only for so long.

Watch Jennifer from Rialto, CA Comments

Jennifer's computer has been displaying a message that her computer has been blocked unless she calls a number. Leo says it's probably a popup from the browser. There's nothing wrong with her computer -- it's a scam. She should just clear her browser cache, then reboot the computer and it should be fine.