Why can't I print PDF files?

Episode 1348 (1:37:07)

Arnie from Atlanta, GA

Arnie created a passport photo with a PDF program and now he can't print it unless he pays for it. So he did, but now he can't print anything in PDF unless he uses that PDF maker because it uses Adobe Acrobat. Leo says to get rid of it! He can print directly from preview in the Mac. He'll just need to drag the Adobe app into the trash. He'll also have to look in the startup folder and get rid of the startup files as well. He should search for his root system folder and his account folder. He can even use Spotlight search and look for "Adobe."

Adobe also has its own cleaner for getting rid of Acrobat.

The good news is that Apple has also added Form Filler to Preview, so he can fill out PDF forms directly as well. If he's going to buy a PDF printer, Leo recommends Smile Software's PDF Pen.