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Watch Tony from Montana Comments

Tony wants to digitize his VHS home movies, but he's not very tech saavy. Leo says he can get a VHS to DVD recorder, but if he's going to do it, why not digitize them and then edit them down? Then he can burn them to DVD. Leo recommends Adobe Premiere Elements.

Tony also wonders why he's having issues watching live streams in facebook. Leo says if he can watch Netflix, then it's pretty clear that there's something on Facebook that's causing it. He can use Netflix's speed test at

Watch Doug from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Doug's contract for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is up and he's being pushed by his carrier to get a new phone. Leo says if he's happy with his phone, it keeps being updated, and it still works, then there's really no need to get a new one. Having said that, phones are more powerful and with LTE, they are much more powerful. Leo says that he'll want to be on the most recent version of Android, at least version 6 Marshmallow. Then he can take his time to get the phone he wants. Even then, he shouldn't jump on it. He should wait until he really wants one or is unhappy with the one he has.

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Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John has all his family on Google Fi and he has created a special email address for everyone to use to send images. Leo says he can do that, but Google Photos has a shared album feature, and that would be far easier. So how does he download the images to his desktop? Leo says he could use Google Drive, which has a setting to backup photos automatically. He can then sync it back to his computer with the Google Drive app. It's for Windows and Mac, but they are working on a Linux version as well. But he should look around, because there's probably one on sourceforge or something.

The chatroom suggests InSyncHQ.

Watch Ann from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ann is looking at fitness watches, and she wants it to sync with Runkeeper. Leo says that every one will, and some do better than others. She's looking at the Polar M400 right now.

Leo says the challenge may be GPS, because most tie to the phone and let the phone handle the GPS. Leo says that Polar makes a great fitness band, and it doesn't require the phone for GPS. So she'll be good there. Another option is Garmin.

Watch Curtis from Michigan Comments

Curtis is a podcaster and uses a Heil PR40 for his microphone. Leo says that podcasting is fun when you're not trying to make a living at it. It's work if he wants to make it into a job, and a tough one at that.

What about the Amazon Tap? Leo says that the only difference between the Dot and the Tap is the battery. The Tap is portable, but it doesn't listen all the time. It only responds when you press a button. How should he set up the Echo? Leo says to just call it Echo, but he'll have to avoid using that word while podcasting.

Watch Clay from Missouri Comments

Clay got a new Audio Technica LP record player, and he's wondering what speakers should he get with it. Leo says that Clay has to figure out if the record player has its own preamp or not, and if it's balance or unbalanced. If it doesn't have a preamp, then he'll need an amp as well. Leo advises the Audio Engine powered speakers. They're excellent and come with a subwoofer. JBLs are also good. He'll want line level balanced.

Leo also really likes the JBL Authentics L16. It has that great vintage look, and has a phono input.

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David is trying to put his router into bridge mode, but he's having issues doing it. Leo says that if he's using the cable router and modem, they may have disabled the router protocol that would do that. The chatroom agrees. He can't do that with an AT&T UVerse modem. It just won't let him have his own router.

Leo says David is better off going with Spectrum and buying his own DOCSIS 3 modem. Then he can do it himself and have more freedom. UVerse is very strict because of QoS.

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Watch Arnie from Atlanta, GA Comments

Arnie created a passport photo with a PDF program and now he can't print it unless he pays for it. So he did, but now he can't print anything in PDF unless he uses that PDF maker because it uses Adobe Acrobat. Leo says to get rid of it! He can print directly from preview in the Mac. He'll just need to drag the Adobe app into the trash. He'll also have to look in the startup folder and get rid of the startup files as well. He should search for his root system folder and his account folder. He can even use Spotlight search and look for "Adobe."

Adobe also has its own cleaner for getting rid of Acrobat.

The good news is that Apple has also added Form Filler to Preview, so he can fill out PDF forms directly as well. If he's going to buy a PDF printer, Leo recommends Smile Software's PDF Pen.

Watch David from Venice Beach, CA Comments

David's PC is starting to make loud fan noises. He cleaned out the fans with a vaccum cleaner, but that didn't help. What can he do? Leo says it could be that an update is starting to make the fans run harder. It's not uncommon for an update to make fans louder. It may also be that his fans are starting to wear out and it could be time to replace them. The good news is that they are easy to replace. David can do it himself.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Larry is frustrated that he can't backup his music to the cloud through iTunes anymore. Is there a way around that? Leo says that any backup he uses that isn't Apple can backup his iTunes Backup.

Watch Mike from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Mike wants to use his Kindle to read comic books. Leo says there's a far better option, and it's owned by Amazon as well. It's called ComiXology. It's designed exactly for reading comics, while the Kindle is really made for the written world.

ComiXology will enable him to zoom in and out, and it also works with all comics. He can use it on his laptop too. The Marvel Unlimited app has an all you can eat monthly subscription, so if he's a Marvel fan, it's the way to go.

Watch Patrick from Oxnard, CA Comments

Patrick's Android phone has gotten really slow. It's through Net 10. Leo says that Net 10 is a pay as you go, and as such, it probably has a slower network, or it limits him.