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Episode 1347 December 10, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ramona from California Comments

Ramona has discovered that her ISP can't go to the area she's moving to. Is satellite internet a good option? Leo says that satellite is expensive, there's a lot of latency and lag as the signal goes up and back, and it's slow. She wouldn't get much bandwidth either. One provider is a little better than others though, and that's WildBlue Exede. Cable would be much better, and even LTE wireless would be a better option.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike had issues with his Subaru and his iPhone not reading text messages. He finally got a notification that the issue is with Subaru's Sync and it needs to be updated. So at least the mystery is solved!

Watch Michael from Newcastle, PA Comments

Mike wants to know how to tell a real email from a phishing email. Leo says to hover over any link that would send him to a website, and see if the link is legitimate. He should never click on it. If it says to install something, or even asks for a credit card, don't do it. That's usually the first sign of an intent to do something nefarious.

Mike's wife is also getting a notice that her Windows 7 installation isn't genuine and it's been really slow. Leo says that indicates that an unlicensed version of Windows has been installed. They should contact Microsoft and they'll check. If it isn't legit, they can pay to make it so. But if they're going to do that, they should get Windows 10 instead.

Watch Mark from Riverside, CA Comments

Mark drives for Uber, but now his Moto G Android phone is having GPS issues after updating. Leo says it could be that his GPS is damaged or he got a bad update. He should try restoring the phone first. But since the Moto G is a few years old, it may be time to get a new one. They're pretty cheap.

Can he go back to the previous Android OS? Leo says he may be able to, but Marshmallow was an important update.

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Watch Tom from Tehachapi, CA Comments

Tom has an old Windows computer and he does online banking and shopping. Would it be safer to install Linux on his PC? Leo says that as long as "https" can be seen, he's secure. Leo also recommends using either Android Pay or Apple Pay for an additional layer of security. That doesn't send his credit card number at all. Linux is far less hackable. Using a Chromebook would also be an affordable option, and it's very secure as well. It's the easiest solution, and they're very cheap.

Tails is a good OS option, as is Qubes.

Watch Rich from Scranton, PA Comments

Rich wants to know how he can print from his tablet to his old printer. It's not wireless. Leo says he can get a print server which will convert any printer to a wireless one. The Lantronix XPrintServer is a good option. But for that price, he can just get a new printer. It'll also allow him to connect his computer wirelessly to the internet.

Watch Gary from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Gary's iPhone 6S has an issue with his battery suddenly dying, which seems like it should be part of the recall, but Apple says it isn't, and won't fix it. Leo says that's terrible! They should support it. The best he can hope for is getting a replacement for $200. So Gary wants to go Android, but he needs good battery life. Leo says that the Motorola Z Phone or the Sony Xperia have the best battery life for Android phones. Another option is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

Leo also thinks if Gary waits a little longer, Apple will expand that recall as more people complain.

Watch Josh from Denver, CO Comments

Josh has an old HP Stream and he wants to sell it. Leo says it was a nice laptop for its day. How can he wipe his data without having to reinstall the OS? Leo says that Windows does offer recovery tools that will wipe the drive and reset it to a factory state, but it really won't completely get rid of his data. In order to really be sure, he'll need to overwrite the drive several times. Leo advises Darik's Boot and Nuke or DBAN. It'll not only format the drive, but it will overwrite it several times with 1s and 0s to military spec.

Watch Dan from CA Comments

Dan wants to get his mother a Chromebook. Is a 12" a good one? Leo says it's a little small for older eyes, but she could plug in an external monitor and keyboard.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Laurel from Burbank, CA Comments

Laurel's HTC phone is full, so she started deleting stuff, and now it won't work. Leo says Laurel probably deleted a critical system file, but she can restore the phone back to the factory settings. That would require wiping the phone completely. Before she does that though, she can connect it to a computer via USB and Windows will read it as a hard drive or a camera. Then she can copy the photos off. She can also install an Android File Transfer program if she has a Mac and do the same thing. Then, she can do a factory recovery. The good news is that after that, she can add an SD card to that mobile phone and start saving the media onto that.

Another option may be getting into safe mode on the phone. has an article on how to do that here.

Watch Terry from Amarillo, TX Comments

Terry is looking to get his wife a laptop for Christmas, and he's thinking about a Chromebook since she tends to get in trouble online. Can she do photo editing with a Chromebook? Leo says she can, as there are online photo editors and plugins for Google Chrome. Google Photos is the best with basic photo tools and filters. There's also Polarr Photo Editor, an extension to Chrome. It's like Photoshop for Chrome.

Terry should make sure he gets a touchscreen. Chromebooks from Dell, Acer, and Lenovo are all very nice. Dell makes a 15" model, but it's not a great screen. Leo likes the Dell 13" Chromebook with Touchscreen for $429.

Watch Jim from Maryland Comments

Jim has all his movies backed up on his network. He'd like to use an SD card to plug in and watch that way. Leo says he can, but he'll have to be sure it's in a specific format by the Blu-ray player, so check he should check his manual. If he's wanting it for travel, he should check out the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive. Its designed to connect to a smartphone and then he can stream to the TV via DNLA. It has a 10 hour battery life too, which is great for a road trip.

Watch Dan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dan wants to know if getting a third party add-on for CODI to stream movies is legal. Leo says if he's streaming without any cost, there's likely a piracy issue and it would be technically illegal. He could end up being booted off the internet for it.

Watch Don from Montana Comments

Don wants to know if imaging is the way he should be backing up. Leo says that imaging is good for creating a version of his computer that is frozen in time, so he can just reload it. After that, he should be making incremental backups of his data. Leo advises three backups, on two different formats, with one off site. And if he has versioning, that's even better.

Watch Pete from Florida Comments

David's Android phone screen suddenly turned white. He removed the battery and it went back to normal when he put it back in. Leo says by removing the battery and putting it back in, he reset the phone. If he had pressed and held the phone power button, it would have done the same thing.

Watch Julian from Texas Comments

Julian needs to recover files from his Mac. Will Recuva work? Leo says that EaseUS is what he uses for Mac, and it's free.

Watch Cathy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Cathy moved from DirecTV to Dish and she wants to know how to get data off the old Hopper DVR. Leo says the encryption on the DVR prevents you from getting those programs off of it. The only way would be to use the "analog hole" by hooking up a recorder to the DVR like it's a TV and then recording while playing it back in real time.