Why is my computer running so slow when it's booting up?

Episode 1346 (38:31)

Sue from San Diego, CA

Sue got a new Alienware computer that has been maxed out in memory. She uses it for CAD. She transferred all her data and settings with Laplink PC Mover. Leo says that is an ancient way to do it. Sue says now it has something called Commodo Internet Security on it now. Leo says that is a horrible program and she should get rid of it immediately. BleepingComputer.com has instructions on how to do that.

Now, however, it takes forever to load up when she starts it up. She's tried AutoRuns and it's still really slow. Leo says it's trying to load in all these settings and it has to rebuild/index everything. Leo advises creating a new, fresh user. Chances are, it'll run faster.