How can I get Dell to replace my hard drive?

Episode 1346 (1:33:34)

Vicki from Rialto, CA

Vickie's daughter had a computer and the hard drive died a month after the warranty expired. What can she do? Leo says to write Michael Dell and ask for him to address it. Leo says that the hard drive for it is under $100 and it could be replaced depending on its design. She should find out what it would cost to have them install it.

The chatroom says that the Geek Squad at Best Buy will charge $50 to install it. She doesn't have the Windows 10 disc, though. Leo says she can download it from Microsoft since that computer has already been authorized to use Windows 10.

Vickie's grandson is wanting to use the computer more and more, so Leo recommends creating a standard user account on Windows for him. Then he won't be able to install anything without her permission, which will prevent him from doing harm to the computer.