How can I back up the images from my smartphone?

Episode 1346 (2:20:47)

Tracy from Los Angeles, CA

Tracy's phone crashed on her and she lost her data. She now has Google Photos, but she's noticed it's not backing up every photo. Leo says to check the backup and sync settings in the app. If she has "only backup on Wi-Fi" enabled, it will only backup when it's connected to Wi-Fi. Also, she should make sure that she's backing up from all her possible device folders. If she has unlimited data, she can enable backup while on cellular. She may also be turning off cellular to save bandwidth on some apps like Google Photos.

She can also plug it into USB and then it will ask her to connect to PTP mode so she can sync the photos over to her smartphone. Or she can use MTP mode, which is mass storage transport mode, and then she could just drag and drop it over to her PC. Carbonite will also do it, and then there's cloud backup from Amazon if she's a Prime member.

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