What happened to my voicemail messages?

Episode 1345 (55:03)

Tim from Simi Valley, CA

Tim's wife has an iPhone 6s Plus and her voicemail messages have disappeared! AT&T's visual voicemail expires after awhile and they will delete them after 60 days. AT&T probably has a copy somewhere, but Tim says they are no help at all. For future reference, there are programs that can get voicemails off the phone. They should check out eCamm's PhoneView for the Mac. It's free to try, and $30 to buy. It'll move all of her messages, SMS, and more. It may also be able to recover deleted messages from the iPhone. On Windows, they can try CopyTrans.

Tim is also looking for a good calendar program. Leo likes BusyCal. It's a little better than the Apple Calendar. Tim wants to use it to print up a shooting calendar for his film. Leo says try Celtx. It will organize his film and print out a production schedule.