Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1345 (22:46)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott wanted to mention a series of articles on AVS Forum: "Things to Consider" when shopping for home theater this holiday season. The first article is 12 Things to Consider when Shopping for Speakers.

Leo wanted to ask Scott about speakers from France called the Devialet Phantom. This is more of an audiophile brand. It's a small, portable, very expensive speaker system that costs $2,399. It's a bookshelf sized speaker that claims to be 3,000 watts! You would need two of them to get stereo sound, too! Scott said he saw this last year at CEDIA. Leo wants to know if physics would dictate a certain size for bass response. Scott says the larger the area of air that you're moving, the lower you can go, potentially. There are things that can be done to extend bass response with smaller speakers, and Andrew Jones has done amazing work with it in getting his bookshelf speakers down to 40hz. Devialet is claiming full range down to 16hz, and Scott would be very skeptical of that. The response probably falls off considerably at that lower range, so the question is, how much does it actually fall off? The design is cool, though, and the company is known for good quality.

So what does Scott recommend for smaller, bookshelf speakers? Scott recommends Elac, where Andrew Jones has moved to. His speakers, the Debut series, are around $200 a pair.