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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul has a bunch of email accounts and he wants to know how to consolidate them. Leo says GMail can do it by importing accounts. Google will fetch email from his other accounts. He just has to enable it and select "add email account." He can also configure "send mail as" to reply from the same address.

Watch Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Jonathan has a Windows laptop and he wants to add a fingerprint scanner. The one he's looking at works with WIndows Hello, but there's no real branding. Leo says that chances are, one Chinese company makes it and then sells it to multiple companies who put their name on it. The good news is that it works with Windows Hello. Jonathan should check out the Eikon fingerprint scanner. It's the one he recommends, and it's only $20.

Is it safe? Leo says if it works with Windows Hello, it's certified by Microsoft and he'll be safe. If he really wants to be safe, Microsoft makes their own for $50.

Watch Bernie from Colorado Comments

Bernie scanned all his slides and has them stored on his NAS, as well has having burned them onto Blu-ray discs. Is there a way to play ISOs on his 4K TV? Bernie will probably need a media server running Kodi.

The chatroom says that Synology Disc Station manager has the ability to mount virtual drives in File Station. Then he can use DSPhoto to play it back. VLC works with it as well. Windows 10 can also cast to the XBox One. There's plenty of ways to do it.

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Watch Tim from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Tim's wife has an iPhone 6s Plus and her voicemail messages have disappeared! AT&T's visual voicemail expires after awhile and they will delete them after 60 days. AT&T probably has a copy somewhere, but Tim says they are no help at all. For future reference, there are programs that can get voicemails off the phone. They should check out eCamm's PhoneView for the Mac. It's free to try, and $30 to buy. It'll move all of her messages, SMS, and more. It may also be able to recover deleted messages from the iPhone. On Windows, they can try CopyTrans.

Tim is also looking for a good calendar program. Leo likes BusyCal. It's a little better than the Apple Calendar. Tim wants to use it to print up a shooting calendar for his film. Leo says try Celtx. It will organize his film and print out a production schedule.

Watch Shirley from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Shirley is retired and is looking for a computer. Leo says that a Chromebook is probably the best option for Shirley, and she'll need an internet connection. Shirley could also get a Chromebook with LTE.

Another option is a tablet like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. She shouldn't get a cheap one, though. Leo advises getting one with LTE so that she doesn't have to rely on Wi-Fi. T-Mobile is a good option. Leo also advises a deal of $25 with unlimited data from them when she buys the tablet up front. That's a good deal.

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Watch Ed from Illinois Comments

Ed got a used computer and wants to know if he can delete his browser's autocomplete stuff. Leo says he can reset his browser and that will wipe out everything in the autocomplete file. Or he can delete them individually by starting to type, go down to it, and delete it.

There is a 'refresh Firefox option.' Ed should go into the help menu and go to troubleshooting information. There will be a button there that will wipe out everything. He can also just delete the profile folders in the firefox directory.

What about a free option for office software? Leo says that LibreOffice is very good.

Watch David from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

David has about 20,000 photos in Apple Aperture. What's the best way for him to upload them to Google Photos? He tried the Google Photos uploader, but it won't work. Leo says that Google Photos may have trouble finding them. He should look for a folder called "Original Photos" and make a copy of it. Then he can point the uploader to that copy.

Is there an app that can identify duplicates in Google Photos? Leo says he doesn't know of one, but there are plenty of de-dupe apps that can do it before he uploads.

Watch Norene from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Norene's Windows Vista computer isn't being updated anymore, so she needs a new computer. Leo says that Chromebooks are more secure, simpler to use, and can do about 95% of what a Windows machine can do. Norene should check out the Dell 13" Chromebook. It's around $400-650. If she has to have a Windows machine, Leo recommends the Dell XPS 13 or the Lenovo Yoga. Samsung and Acer have some great options as well.

Watch Adam from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Adam has a service and repair business and he's looking to replace his invoicing software. Thoughts on alternatives? Leo used to use Freshbooks. He used it for years when he was a freelancer and you can customize the invoices to your needs and even set them up to be recurring.

(Disclaimer: Freshbooks is a sponsor).