Should I buy a Lenovo laptop?

Episode 1344 (1:27:52)

Dave from Escondido, CA
Google Pixel

Dave has been Christmas shopping online and he found a great deal on a laptop with 16GB of RAM and dual drives with an SSD and a spinning drive. Leo says it's similar to the Mac Fusion drive, where it has the performance of an SSD and the storage space of a spinning drive. Dave is worried that Lenovo has put malware on it, though. Leo says that it was the Superfish adware, and Lenovo got caught doing that -- twice. They have since learned their lesson. Leo likes the Ideapad and at $749, it's a great deal. It doesn't have a touch screen, and Leo says that's why it's less expensive, but it's not a big deal. He won't miss it.

Dave also wants to buy a phone. Leo says he likes the Google Pixel through Google Fi. Very straight forward pricing of $20 unlimited text and calling, plus $10 a GB for data. The best part is that it's about the same price overseas, so he doesn't have to deal with international data issues. The camera on the Pixel is superb and equal to the iPhone. The one advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus, however, is the dual lens zoom.