How can I get Windows to finish its update?

Episode 1344 (1:50:20)

Shirley from Venice, CA

Shirley is having issues with the Windows 10 update that Microsoft forced on her. Now she gets a popup about updates. Leo says updating her system is very important and while she can defer them, she can only do that for so long. Then Windows will force the update. That's a real problem because she could get the update while she's in the middle of something. There is one way around it -- she can set her computer to say she's on metered Wi-Fi so Windows won't force it. She should get the update, though. Scheduling them in the middle of the night is best.

Shirley's problem is that the update is stuck. Leo says to shut down the computer, then turn it back on. Hopefully, it'll boot up, finish the update, and she'll be back to work. Another option is to boot into safe mode and try and do the update. If not, then try going into recovery and select "repair."