Can I use FreedomPop with my alarm?

Episode 1344 (1:58:53)

Mark from Bakersfield, CA

Mark hears that FreedomPop is a free service for under 500MB. He's thinking of using it with his home alarm system, but it's ethernet hardwired and he's not sure it will work. Any ideas? Leo says a Wi-Fi Ethernet dongle is a cheap and easy way to do it. Leo says to also look at the fine print, as he seems to remember that FreedomPop doesn't work with burglar alarms from legal reasons. Another option is a CDMA cellular radio interface. Doctor Mom from the chatroom sent this:

Another option is the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It does Wi-Fi to ethernet. The Cradlepoint 3G-WiFi router is another option.

Mark should check out