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Watch Larry from Meneffee, CA Comments

Larry's wife wants to back up her Kindle eBooks onto an SD card to read on another device. Leo says that Kindle uses MOBI as its file version, and it can only be read by Kindle. She'll need to convert the files to ePub, which is a standard format. Leo likes Calibre for that. If she uses the Kindle app, then it's no problem, and she can just install the MOBI files to that other device. She'll need the folder structure first, so she should download a new book on the new device with the Kindle app. Then she can move them over.

Watch Robert from New Orleans, LA Comments

Robert has been using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to contact his clients and find new customers, but it's a very expensive way to do it for a seasonal business. He wants to choose one or the other. Leo says Facebook ads are the better of the two, but he'll need to use it effectively. Facebook knows more about its members than anyone, but he needs an expert who can make the most of that. He'll have to think about his business in a way that leverages these new tools and there are ways to do it. So Robert should get a Facebook expert who can not only help him mine new customers, but make them customers for life. Leo says he should be careful because there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. He should ask for references.

Watch Carlos from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Comments

Carlos has an iPhone 6 and a GoPro camera. He wants to be able to upload photos from both devices to his iCloud Photo Library and his Google Photos library. Leo says that's easy with the GoPro app on the iPhone. Then he can save them to his camera roll and upload it to iCloud. Then he can use the Google Photos app to upload all of them. The other option is to plug the microSD card into his computer and upload them that way.

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Watch LeAnne from Lake Elsinore, CA Comments

LeAnne wants to know if the iPhone 5 is still a good phone to get. Leo says she could still find them, but the iPhone SE is a better buy because it's essentially an iPhone 5 with a newer processor. It'll likely stay updated longer.

Where's the best place to get them pricewise? Leo says that Apple controls the price pretty tightly, so the only way to get one cheaper is to buy it on contract. The best place to buy is really from the Apple Store itself. They're giving a $50 gift card right now with purchase. She should also check out the Black Friday deals. On T-Mobile, she can get $50 off the iPhone SE this weekend.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John is worried that Apple will be phasing out the iMac. Leo says not any time soon, though they seem to be more interested in consumer grade products like the iPhone and iPad. Leo does expect new iMacs next year. It won't be lightyears ahead of the current model, though, so he should just go ahead and buy the 5K model now.

Watch Dave from Escondido, CA Comments

Dave has been Christmas shopping online and he found a great deal on a laptop with 16GB of RAM and dual drives with an SSD and a spinning drive. Leo says it's similar to the Mac Fusion drive, where it has the performance of an SSD and the storage space of a spinning drive. Dave is worried that Lenovo has put malware on it, though. Leo says that it was the Superfish adware, and Lenovo got caught doing that -- twice. They have since learned their lesson. Leo likes the Ideapad and at $749, it's a great deal. It doesn't have a touch screen, and Leo says that's why it's less expensive, but it's not a big deal. He won't miss it.

Dave also wants to buy a phone. Leo says he likes the Google Pixel through Google Fi. Very straight forward pricing of $20 unlimited text and calling, plus $10 a GB for data. The best part is that it's about the same price overseas, so he doesn't have to deal with international data issues. The camera on the Pixel is superb and equal to the iPhone. The one advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus, however, is the dual lens zoom.

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Watch Shirley from Venice, CA Comments

Shirley is having issues with the Windows 10 update that Microsoft forced on her. Now she gets a popup about updates. Leo says updating her system is very important and while she can defer them, she can only do that for so long. Then Windows will force the update. That's a real problem because she could get the update while she's in the middle of something. There is one way around it -- she can set her computer to say she's on metered Wi-Fi so Windows won't force it. She should get the update, though. Scheduling them in the middle of the night is best.

Shirley's problem is that the update is stuck. Leo says to shut down the computer, then turn it back on. Hopefully, it'll boot up, finish the update, and she'll be back to work. Another option is to boot into safe mode and try and do the update. If not, then try going into recovery and select "repair."

Watch Mark from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Mark hears that FreedomPop is a free service for under 500MB. He's thinking of using it with his home alarm system, but it's ethernet hardwired and he's not sure it will work. Any ideas? Leo says a Wi-Fi Ethernet dongle is a cheap and easy way to do it. Leo says to also look at the fine print, as he seems to remember that FreedomPop doesn't work with burglar alarms from legal reasons. Another option is a CDMA cellular radio interface. Doctor Mom from the chatroom sent this:

Another option is the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It does Wi-Fi to ethernet. The Cradlepoint 3G-WiFi router is another option.

Mark should check out

Watch Scott from Hisperia, CA Comments

Scott uses a Windows phone and he can't use a device tracker. So he's looking to get an Android phone to use for it. Would that work without a cell network? Leo says that since it uses bluetooth, it wouldn't need one. Any bluetooth device that runs iOS or Android software will work, but it's limited to about 100 feet. Check out Gear Eye -

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Watch Stan from Irvine, CA Comments

Stan is an author and he uses WordPress for his website. He has it as a forwarding address. Does that affect his search engine results? Leo says not really. the Google crawler follows links. So there's no worry there.

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