Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1343 (20:57)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson is back and although Black Friday was yesterday, the deals are still going on. Is it OK to get a Black Friday TV? Scott says yes, if you shop carefully. A lot of them are so-called loss leaders. Those are house brands and last year's models. Check out Scott's Black Friday TV deals here.

What about getting 4K? Scott says that 4K is here and the deals for 4K TVs are serious during Black Friday. There's more content now and the 1080p content gets upscaled. The upscale algorithms are pretty good now as well.

What about your home theater systems? Scott says if you get a 4K TV, you need an AV receiver that can pass through the 4K signal. So if you're getting a 4K TV, chances are you'll need a 4K capable AV receiver. What about a home theater in a box? Scott doesn't usually suggest them because the receivers are limited and the speakers aren't all that great. Soundbars can be a much better option over the TVs own speakers, though. The Andrew Jones Pioneer and Vizio has good ones. Klipsch has some great deals right now too for the week of Black Friday.