What do you think of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?

Episode 1343 (1:34:20)

Ross from Philadelphia, PA
MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Ross wants to know Leo's thoughts on the new MacBook Pro. Leo says that the screen is gorgeous, but he still says that the keyboard, while usable, isn't as good as the original one. The huge trackpad is pretty fantastic. He's not thrilled with the USB-C connectors, because he now has to buy dongles to keep using his externals.

The real thing question is the Touch Bar. Is it worth it? Well, the good thing is that Touch ID works great, but the rest of the Touch Bar is a gimmick. The new MacBook Pro is not upgradable, and it's stuck at 16GB of RAM. It's not very powerful and doesn't have enough memory for pro use. Ross could save some money and get the model without the Touch Bar instead.