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Watch Marion from Pasadena, CA Comments

Marion's sister is heavily into gaming and wants to hardwire her PC to the network to get better gaming performance. Leo says that hardwiring is always going to be a bit faster than Wi-Fi because of wireless congestion. Leo says ideally, the best way to do this is to lay conduit from room to room and snake CAT6 ethernet all over the house. That requires opening the wall and is usually best when building a home. She also may need a switcher to handle the traffic around the house.

Image By Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Lance from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lance upgraded to macOS Sierra and now his Time Machine isn't working. Apple Care hasn't been able to solve the problem either. He's even reinstalled the OS and Time Machine. It just hangs about 2/3 of the way through the backup. Leo says that nobody really likes Time Machine, especially when it doesn't work. No one really knows how it works, either. If Apple can't figure it out, it's a lost cause.

Leo recommends using a more robust backup solution. Leo recommends ChronoSync. or SuperDuper. Both are easier and better to use than Time Machine.

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Watch Cindy from California Comments

Cindy wants to know about the Amazon Echo. Leo says that the cool thing about the Echo is that Amazon opened it up to create more functions for it, called "Skills." To date, the Amazon Echo has over 3,000 skills it can handle. If she's an Amazon Prime member, she can tell it to buy stuff and ship it to her. She can tell it to stream music, too. If she has a stereo system, she can save money and get the Amazon Dot and plug it in.

Watch Tom from Long Beach, CA Comments

Tom is researching Chromebooks. Leo says Chromebooks are less expensive, more reliable, and secure because it isn't prone to hacking and viruses. If something goes wrong, he can always "Powerwash" it and start over. Leo likes Dell's Chromebook or Acer. He'll want 4GB of RAM.

Tom's budget is $350, and Leo says that Asus is his first choice in that range. Google also sells them directly, though. Having more RAM is more important than storage because Chromebooks prefer to store things in the cloud. The Acer Chromebook 14 is a very nice option at $300.

Watch Dave from Seattle, WA Comments

Dave is looking to get his daughter a Polaroid type camera for Christmas. Leo says the Polaroid Pic is very popular and prints small business sized photos. The trick may be finding film, but instant cameras are coming back, so that may not be an issue. The film isn't cheap, however. Kids think they're fun. Leo says they're a great idea for teenagers.

Dave also wants to know how he could control his Christmas tree with the Philips Hue? Leo says that the Amazon Echo can control the Hue natively. SmartThings work really well with Echo so that's probably a good way to do it. The chatroom recommends the Wink Hub as well.

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Watch Ross from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Ross wants to know Leo's thoughts on the new MacBook Pro. Leo says that the screen is gorgeous, but he still says that the keyboard, while usable, isn't as good as the original one. The huge trackpad is pretty fantastic. He's not thrilled with the USB-C connectors, because he now has to buy dongles to keep using his externals.

The real thing question is the Touch Bar. Is it worth it? Well, the good thing is that Touch ID works great, but the rest of the Touch Bar is a gimmick. The new MacBook Pro is not upgradable, and it's stuck at 16GB of RAM. It's not very powerful and doesn't have enough memory for pro use. Ross could save some money and get the model without the Touch Bar instead.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike has an iPhone that he connects to his Subaru. It used to read his text messages, but now it doesn't work. Leo says it's likely been disabled while driving. It could be that the latest version of iOS doesn't support that function by design. The chatroom says that the car software may not have been updated. Leo's more of the mind that Apple disabled those features to guard against distracted driving.

Watch Joseph from Florida Comments

Joseph wants to know why his Wi-Fi speed is slower than it should be. Leo says it could be a variety of reasons, like distance from the access point, the amount of metal in his home, and the number of devices on the same network and bandwidth. The fastest speeds are received by being hardwired directly into the router.

Watch Steve from Arleta, CA Comments

Steve has to get his daughter a new computer. What's the best way to transfer programs and data? Leo says it couldn't be easier. He just needs the cable that Apple offers. He just needs to connect the two, run the migration assistant, select what he wants transferred and it will do it. Leo's done it several times.