What's a good PC for gaming?

Episode 1342 (2:03:49)

Sean from Sweet Home, OR
Asus Republic of Gamers PC

Sean's wife is into gaming and he wants to get her a good PC that will last a good, long time. Leo says that computer power isn't improving at the rate it used to and as a result, people, especially gamers, don't have to upgrade as often. His budget is $1500. Leo says that's a good budget. He should check out the Hardware Leaderboard over at PC Perspective for some great ideas.

Another option is to check out Alienware's Aurora. It starts at $1400. Asus may be a better option thanks to their ROG (Republic of Gamers) line. He'll want a GEForce GTX 1060 video card and i5 processor. He should also check out Razer.

Leo says he doesn't need liquid cooling unless he's planning to overclock his processor, and that's really not needed.