How can I see what's taking up room on my hard drive?

Episode 1342 (1:22:51)

Joanne from Temecula, CA

Joanne has a Windows machine and she's getting a message that her hard drive is getting full. Leo says that in Windows, she could see what's taking up space on her computer with the disk clean up utility. She can run disk clean up in Windows and it will wipe out temporary and downloaded files, clear caches, etc. There's also WinDirStat. Leo likes that because it sorts it with color so he can see it at a glance. Then he can choose what to remove.

Joanne might just need a new hard drive, though. Since her computer is 7 years old, it probably has a smaller hard drive than she needs now. Joanne should also get an external drive and copy all her photos and videos and other data off it. Backing up to the cloud is also a good idea.

How about a good printer? Leo says she'll want a wireless printer, and Epson makes a great one with the Artisan. Ink is expensive, though.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)