Will the new MacBook Pro handle my audio workflow?

Episode 1341 (11:22)

Adam from West Covina, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Adam is looking to get the new MacBook Pro but he's concerned that it isn't high performance enough. Leo says that it does come limited with memory at only 16GB, and he won't be able to upgrade it. So what you buy is what you get. Whether it's right for Adam is subjective. Adam runs Logic and he's worried it won't be enough for him. Leo says Logic does take a lot of RAM, but Leo's used it for Logic and it works for him. That doesn't mean it will work for Adam, though, as his mileage may vary. Leo says that if Adam's iMac, at 32GB of RAM is bogging down, that should tell the tale. The Skylake processor will make up for at least some of it, though.

The Chatroom says a Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface will also help. Leo says he'll need to try it and see. But if the iMac can't shoulder the load, the new MacBook Pro definitely won't.