Should I buy a Sony 4K TV?

Episode 1341 (1:49:49)

Chad from Long Beach, CA

Chad is looking to get the XBox Scorpio next year to upgrade his game console but he wants to upgrade his TV first. Leo says that this will trigger the upgrade cascade with all of his other devices. Sony's 4K TV is very nice, and Scott Wilkinson says nice things about it. It misses the UHD Premium spec, however. Leo says it may be HDR 10, but Leo says he'll want a TV that supports the whole spec, not just one or the other. Sony always goes their own way with proprietary technology. That's a legitimate concern. But they're not going to put out something that is inferior, and they do make the UHD Blu-ray player.

LG just lowered the price on its B6 OLED 4K TV, and Leo has one. It's great.