Are cheap tablets good enough for streaming video?

Episode 1341 (1:05:08)

Lee from Maplewood, MN
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Lee has a 2007 Mac Mini, but he is thinking of getting a tablet. He doesn't want an iPad, as he prefers Android. Leo says the NVidia Shield K1 is a good one for gaming and is very fast. Samsung's Galaxy tablets are good options, as is Google, but Google hasn't made a new tablet in awhile. The Google Pixel C is good, though. Other options include Acer and Asus.

What about the cheap tablets coming from Black Friday? Leo says he isn't much for cheap tablets because they're not really that fast and won't be able to be used for more modern things. They are fine for simple surfing, though.

What is CODI? Leo says that CODI is the rebranded XBox Media Center (XBMC). It's perfectly legal to use. What about Android boxes? Leo says that they can be used to stream videos illegally, but then again, a computer can do that. It's up to him if he is ok with that from an ethical perspective.