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Watch Adam from West Covina, CA Comments

Adam is looking to get the new MacBook Pro but he's concerned that it isn't high performance enough. Leo says that it does come limited with memory at only 16GB, and he won't be able to upgrade it. So what you buy is what you get. Whether it's right for Adam is subjective. Adam runs Logic and he's worried it won't be enough for him. Leo says Logic does take a lot of RAM, but Leo's used it for Logic and it works for him. That doesn't mean it will work for Adam, though, as his mileage may vary. Leo says that if Adam's iMac, at 32GB of RAM is bogging down, that should tell the tale. The Skylake processor will make up for at least some of it, though.

The Chatroom says a Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface will also help. Leo says he'll need to try it and see. But if the iMac can't shoulder the load, the new MacBook Pro definitely won't.

Watch Dwayne from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Dwayne is a taxi driver and he uses his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone all the time for multi tasking on his job, but he's starting to have issues with it. Leo says that it's probably time to get a new phone, but he doesn't have to spend $800. There are some great lower cost Android phones that can do just as well. Should Samsung sell refurbished Note 7s with smaller batteries that won't catch fire, then Dwayne should be able to get it at a bargain basement price. So Dwayne should keep his eyes peeled.

There's also the One Plus 3T, which is a great phone for $400. Another to consider is the Axon 7 from ZTE.

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Watch Lee from Maplewood, MN Comments

Lee has a 2007 Mac Mini, but he is thinking of getting a tablet. He doesn't want an iPad, as he prefers Android. Leo says the NVidia Shield K1 is a good one for gaming and is very fast. Samsung's Galaxy tablets are good options, as is Google, but Google hasn't made a new tablet in awhile. The Google Pixel C is good, though. Other options include Acer and Asus.

What about the cheap tablets coming from Black Friday? Leo says he isn't much for cheap tablets because they're not really that fast and won't be able to be used for more modern things. They are fine for simple surfing, though.

What is CODI? Leo says that CODI is the rebranded XBox Media Center (XBMC). It's perfectly legal to use. What about Android boxes? Leo says that they can be used to stream videos illegally, but then again, a computer can do that. It's up to him if he is ok with that from an ethical perspective.

Watch Adam from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Adam likes to record Laker games on audio to listen to them later while he's on his walks. He wants an all-in-one solution so he doesn't have to transfer it to an iPod or something. Leo says that CCrane has an all-in-one device that time shifts and records to MP3. It's called the CC Witness Plus. It's about $150 and it's like a DVR for radio. It records MP3 to a memory card. It also has microphones so he can record directly with it.

Applian makes software that would let him record digital streams, plus radio.

Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter has three iPads and using Speedtest, two are always slower than the third. Leo recommends using It runs through the browser and it will give him a better result. Why the iPads are different with speed tests is anyone's guess. It could be age of the iPad, consistency of the test, etc.

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Watch Pete from Clinton Township, AL Comments

Pete is trying to decide between Amazon Echo or Google Home. Leo says he'd definitely pick the Echo. The Echo Dot, a smaller and less expensive version of the Echo, is designed to connect into a speaker system. It's also only $50. It's way ahead of Google Home with hundreds of tasks and recipes that enable Echo to do a variety of things. Google Home is way too new, but chances are, it'll get smarter quicker. Pete could connect the Echo Dot to a speaker and he'll have a stereo. It's amazing.

Watch Jonathan from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Jonathan has three iMacs and he's looking for a backup solution for all of them. He uses SuperDuper for one. Leo says that one choice is an external hard drive for each, but that wouldn't do off site backup. That's why Leo recommends using a centralized Network Attached Storage (NAS) and backup to that. Synology is a good option. It uses Disc Station software that will automatically do the backups and then backup to the cloud like Carbonite with a plugin. Drobo is another one.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite and Drobo are sponsors)

Watch Chad from Long Beach, CA Comments

Chad is looking to get the XBox Scorpio next year to upgrade his game console but he wants to upgrade his TV first. Leo says that this will trigger the upgrade cascade with all of his other devices. Sony's 4K TV is very nice, and Scott Wilkinson says nice things about it. It misses the UHD Premium spec, however. Leo says it may be HDR 10, but Leo says he'll want a TV that supports the whole spec, not just one or the other. Sony always goes their own way with proprietary technology. That's a legitimate concern. But they're not going to put out something that is inferior, and they do make the UHD Blu-ray player.

LG just lowered the price on its B6 OLED 4K TV, and Leo has one. It's great.

Watch Joe from Ventura, CA Comments

Joe wants to know why the volume of dialog audio tracks so inconsistent whenever he plays Blu-rays. It's very annoying. Leo says that the TV speakers don't understand the channel information in order to route the audio properly. Dialog is mixed to come out of a center channel, so it doesn't get reproduced as intended. The TV may have a setting that can address this, but having a home theater system is a better way to go.