What TV should I buy on Black Friday?

Episode 1340 (26:00)

Rusty from San Diego, CA
Samsung UHD TV

Rusty is seeing ads for TVs on Black Friday and it's time to get him a new TV. Leo says that Black Friday deals are often house brands, cheaper models and sometimes last year's model that they're clearing out. If he is OK with that, then it comes down to how large a TV he needs. It comes down to how far away he will be sitting and how immersive he'll want it to be. If he wants to get 4K, then he'll have to look past the door busters. Moving forward, he'll want to get a TV that is UHD Premium. Samsung's SUHD TV predated UHD Premium, but it's pretty close to the standard. LG and Vizio are also good options.

What about a Soundbar? Rusty will want to consider a home theater system because the speakers in a TV aren't great. Soundbars may be OK, and are affordable, but it only simulates surround, so it only does an OK job. If he gets a sound bar, he should get one with a subwoofer. If he can spend a little more, an AV receiver with a subwoofer and two surrounds would be good. He can even get it as part of a home theater in a box and it'll come with a Blu-ray player.