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Watch Lanny from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Lanny wants to be able to record webinars he's watching online. How can he do that? Leo says a screen recorder is the best bet. Windows 10 has a screen recorder built in called the Screen Recording Utility. It's designed for recording gaming, but it should work for webinars as well. The chatroom suggests OBS Studio, the Open Broadcaster Software. It comes with a built in editing utility as well.

Lanny also wants to be able to fax over the internet. Leo says eFax has a free plan to use it occasionally, but it may be ad supported. He can pay for the service as well.

Watch Rusty from San Diego, CA Comments

Rusty is seeing ads for TVs on Black Friday and it's time to get him a new TV. Leo says that Black Friday deals are often house brands, cheaper models and sometimes last year's model that they're clearing out. If he is OK with that, then it comes down to how large a TV he needs. It comes down to how far away he will be sitting and how immersive he'll want it to be. If he wants to get 4K, then he'll have to look past the door busters. Moving forward, he'll want to get a TV that is UHD Premium. Samsung's SUHD TV predated UHD Premium, but it's pretty close to the standard. LG and Vizio are also good options.

What about a Soundbar? Rusty will want to consider a home theater system because the speakers in a TV aren't great. Soundbars may be OK, and are affordable, but it only simulates surround, so it only does an OK job. If he gets a sound bar, he should get one with a subwoofer. If he can spend a little more, an AV receiver with a subwoofer and two surrounds would be good. He can even get it as part of a home theater in a box and it'll come with a Blu-ray player.

Watch Troy from Long Beach Comments

Troy updated Windows 10 on his Mac and liked it so much he deleted macOS and now it's not working well. He's trying to reinstall it, but he can't. Leo says that's because he needs the Apple drivers through Boot Camp to run it. So he kind of has to have macOS on the computer, but he can shrink down the partition to as low as it can go. It could also be an issue with the EFI Master Boot recorder.

Here's how to fix it: Here's another suggestion:

The issue is that without Boot Camp, Windows can't detect a BIOS that Boot Camp emulates. So without macOS, he'll be out of luck.

Troy also uses Google Play Music but when he uploads his music, it never finishes uploading. Leo says that's because there are some files he can't download, like iTunes songs that still have copyright protection.

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Watch Tony from Louisville, KY Comments

Tony bought a set of Eero routers, but he's having issues. Leo says that the Eero is a new category of Wi-Fi access point that can create a mesh of Wi-Fi signals all over the house. If it's not working for him, then Leo advises sending it back. It could be defective.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris doesn't know what to do since his Apple GPG tools don't work with macOS Sierra. Leo says that GPG is Gnu Privacy Guard, which is the open source version of Pretty Good Privacy email encryption. You can use any email client with it to encrypt your email. The other side has to be able to decrypt it, though. uses a private key to scramble, and a public key to descramble. If it doesn't work with Sierra, Leo says it'll only be a matter of time before it gets updated. There is a workaround using the services menu, so Leo advises going that route.

Watch Russ from High Desert, CA Comments

Russ is having trouble buying things online. The site he's using won't take his payments. Leo says that's likely due to the browser Russ is using that doesn't support the current SSL encryption standards. Leo recommends using another browser like Chrome. Since Russ is using Vista, Chrome doesn't support it either. It may be time to get a new computer if he wants to shop online.

The chatroom suggests using Firefox. It still supports older versions of Windows. Another option would be to make the switch to Linux with XUbuntu. It'll give him that option.

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Watch Keith from Houston, TX Comments

Keith is an IT professional and how he got into the business is through It's a group of IT pros who deploy in the event of national disaster. That's a great way to get started and develop serious experience and serve the community at the same time. Leo says that HAMs have been doing that for a century with radio. So it makes sense that computer technology would follow suit.

Small businesses can't usually afford an IT pro as well, so getting affiliated with a small business and helping them to network is very helpful and a good way to get started.

Watch Mary from California Comments

Mary had to get her son a computer for school and she put herself in as the admin. Leo says that's a very good idea. She can use herself as the admin and her kid as a limited user. There's also a new feature in Windows 10 which would allow her to give them a pin code to install things without having her type in the password.

Does she need MacAfee for her Antivirus? Leo says no. She should take it off. Windows 10 has its own antivirus which is quite good if she keeps it updated.

Watch James from Burbank, CA Comments

James has heard about the Dark Web. What is it? Leo says the "Dark Web" is part of the internet that isn't available to search engines. It's websites that can't be picked up. This includes Tor websites that don't allow for identity on the net. Originally it was used by universities to protect academic and research information. Now it's become a bit more nefarious with use for criminal activities via Tor. How can the Dark Web be accessed? By knowing the web address of the location that is hidden.

There are still valuable reasons to have a Dark Web, like Facebook's invisible Onion portal which is for dissidents to communicate in countries that they could be targeted for sharing information.

Watch Dave from Chicago, IL Comments

Dave wants an app that would allow him to use his iPad Pro for work by handwriting notes and saving them to Word documents. Leo says that there are dozens of apps out there, but it depends on how good his handwriting is. The iPad doesn't have built in handwriting recognition. Here are some good options to consider:

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John wants to know if he can delete the multiple backups on iCloud. Leo says he can manage his iCloud storage and delete the backups, but he'll want to be sure he has another backup on his computer first. Then once he has that done, he's free to delete them. Then he can turn off the backup to iCloud on those other devices.

Watch Terry from Burbank, CA Comments

Terry is an artist with Disney Imagineering, and she wants to know what's a good computer to for sketching and artwork. Leo says that Microsoft's Surface Studio was just announced and it's designed with artists like Terry in mind. It has a 28" tilting display, pen stylus, and a new Dial that will enable her to change colors and other options with a turn of the wheel.

Another option is the Windows Surface Pro 4 for a more mobile application. The Surface Studio was made for Terry, though. It starts at $3,000.