Is high refresh rate important when buying a UHD TV?

Episode 1339 (1:30:18)

Felix from North Hollywood, CA
Samsung UN43KU7000 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Felix heard that TVs with higher refresh rates are actually just simulating the extra frames. Leo says since there's no content at these high frame rates, so anytime there's something faster than 60 frames per second, the TV is faking it. The reason is, LCD TVs are a little bit slower than the old CRT TVs and even Plasma and OLED. So fast moving action can look a little blurry. The way these manufacturers have solved it is through frame interpolation. This means that software will generate what should be between the frames, or it may just double the frame. It won't be as blurry, but some people say it looks like a soap-opera effect. It seems unnatural to Leo, so he turns it off. Felix doesn't have to go out of his way looking for this, because the source content isn't in such a high frame rate. He'd never get anything higher than 60 frames per second.

Felix wants to spend about $500 to $600, and he says he doesn't need a big TV. Leo says there are 40" to 42" TVs in that price range, but there's almost no point in getting 4K at that size. It really is designed for bigger screens, and it's used for 3D. Leo wouldn't worry about getting 4K at 42". In that price range, Vizio and Samsung are good choices. Felix is wondering about the Samsung UN43KU7000. Leo says that's a fine TV.

Is Amazon Prime a good idea? Leo says that's how he did it. It's free shipping with Amazon Prime and they offer White Glove service, where they'll deliver it and set it up. If he doesn't like it, they'll take it back right on the spot. If he can get it locally at the same price, it's a safer idea, though.