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Episode 1339 November 12, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Seth from Long Beach, CA Comments

Seth is hearing that some cities want to tax streaming services. Leo says that is horrible. Pasadena is charging 9.4% on each streaming service starting in January. The argument is that cities are losing revenue due to cord cutting. 9.4% is a high percentage, and isn't it taxing citizens twice? They already tax the internet access, so why would people have to pay that tax twice because of streaming? It's also highly problematic from a net neutrality aspect. Will they pick and chose what services to tax? All bits should be treated equally. According to the Internet Tax Freedom Act, to do so may be a violation of federal law.

Watch Mike from Monrovia, CA Comments

Mike has a laptop that he bought a few years ago, but the space bar in the keyboard isn't working because the switch broke. They want to replace the entire keyboard for it. Leo says it could be an easy fix and he could even replace it himself. Mike should check out and

Watch Perry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Perry wants a new smart watch. Leo says it really comes down to what he's interested in. Does he want notifications or general fitness? Leo says that the Apple watch is not a good choice for Android users. Android Wear is a better option. With the Fitbit, he can get five days from it before he'd have to recharge. It also has a good heart rate monitor. It needs to use his phone's GPS.

Samsung's Gear S2 is excellent if he's using a Samsung phone. He shouldn't get the one that has a phone in it, though. It would be a big drain on battery life. There's a good article comparing the S2 and S3 at

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Watch Mike from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Mike's Galaxy S7 Edge keeps pinging that it's connected to a USB even when it isn't. Leo says that could be a ghost issue. He should turn off USB debugging in the developer settings. He needs to go to into Settings > About Phone, and tap the build number 10 times. Then he'll get into the developer's menu. He should check his phone's USB port for fuzz. He can also try resetting the phone. Then before he reinstalls his apps, he should make sure it isn't happening. If it does still happen, then he does have a hardware problem. If it doesn't, then an app is likely the culprit.

Watch Rick from Torrance, CA Comments

Rick backs up his computer to Google Drive. How can he make it automatically backup? Leo says Google Drive, DropBox, etc. have a sync folder. He can just put the files he wants backed up in that sync folder and it will backup automatically. He'll have to download the Google Drive app to do it.

What about the Google Pixel? Leo says he loves it. It has a great camera, is snappy, and has a gorgeous screen.

Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul says ever since he upgraded his router, his Mac's NAS doesn't connect. Leo says to drag the NAS out of the Finder side bar, and then remount it. Then he can add it back to his Finder. Paul should also look for "Connect to Server" under the "Go" menu. He can figure out his IP address for the server by browsing to it. It may also mean that the router is blocking it.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie can't get Leo's show to play live on her Amazon Echo. Leo says it's on the TuneIn app in Echo and she can just tell it to play TWiT Live. However, Echo can't pronounce L(eye)ve. So she'll have to say L(eh)VE.

Watch Bruce from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bruce converted his computer over to Windows 10 and now he's having a different problem every week. Leo says the problem is with the Anniversary update. It's caused all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, it's now too late to downgrade. Leo says that it has taken months for Microsoft to work out the kinks and they're updating it all the time. So Bruce should keep updating. It could also be an incompatible driver, and in that case, it may take a month or two to iron out those kinks with drivers.

Could a clean install fix it? Leo says it's always worth doing. It's a hassle, but in general, a clean install is a better way to go because it doesn't build on a previous version which may be dicey. The easiest way to do a clean install on Windows 10 is to download the Windows Media Creation Tool and create a USB key with the install on it. An 8GB model will be best.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Billy from Marina del Rey, CA Comments

Billy wants a really huge printer to make a 50" print. Would a plotter do? Leo says no. Those are for architectural drawings. Billy will want a large format printer and those are very expensive. It would be better to go to a service to have this done. If he wants to buy one, Epson is the place to go. Leo suggests the Epson Sure Color F6200, and it costs $6500.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Felix from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Felix heard that TVs with higher refresh rates are actually just simulating the extra frames. Leo says since there's no content at these high frame rates, so anytime there's something faster than 60 frames per second, the TV is faking it. The reason is, LCD TVs are a little bit slower than the old CRT TVs and even Plasma and OLED. So fast moving action can look a little blurry. The way these manufacturers have solved it is through frame interpolation. This means that software will generate what should be between the frames, or it may just double the frame. It won't be as blurry, but some people say it looks like a soap-opera effect. It seems unnatural to Leo, so he turns it off. Felix doesn't have to go out of his way looking for this, because the source content isn't in such a high frame rate. He'd never get anything higher than 60 frames per second.

Felix wants to spend about $500 to $600, and he says he doesn't need a big TV. Leo says there are 40" to 42" TVs in that price range, but there's almost no point in getting 4K at that size. It really is designed for bigger screens, and it's used for 3D. Leo wouldn't worry about getting 4K at 42". In that price range, Vizio and Samsung are good choices. Felix is wondering about the Samsung UN43KU7000. Leo says that's a fine TV.

Is Amazon Prime a good idea? Leo says that's how he did it. It's free shipping with Amazon Prime and they offer White Glove service, where they'll deliver it and set it up. If he doesn't like it, they'll take it back right on the spot. If he can get it locally at the same price, it's a safer idea, though.

Watch Carl from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Carl wants to compare hard drives to see which is missing the files of the others. Leo says that kind of program is called a DIFF program. Kaleidoscope is one, and it's $69 with a free trial.

Another option is a DeDuplicator, which would enable him to copy all the files into a single hard drive from the others and then back them up. The Chatroom recommends Scooter Beyond Compare. WinMerge is free and open source.

Watch Carol from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Carol has an HP Chromebook and her battery icon has vanished. She can't get it back. Leo says it's likely a bad battery and HP should replace it. They're wasting her time if they're refusing to replace it when it's under warranty. If it's not the battery, there still could be a physical issue. She should send the entire computer back and get the Dell Chromebook 13.