Why is my Roku buffering and rebooting?

Episode 1338 (1:05:34)

Mike from Tustin, CA
Roku Ultra

Mike recently "cut the cord" and streams only via Roku. Leo says that what's apparent is that cord cutting doesn't really save money. When you consider Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime subscriptions, he's paying just as much, if not more. That's not the reason to cut the cord. The reason is to send a message that he's not going to take it anymore from the cable companies.

Mike's Roku keeps rebooting. Leo says it could be overheating. He should spread out his devices so there's plenty of air flow. He should also check his internet connection. If it's buffering a lot, his bandwidth may not be sufficient to handle the stream (especially in the evenings where everyone is streaming Netflix). Also just because his ISP says he'll get high speeds, doesn't mean he'll consistently get that. He should check out Fast.com to see what his speed is for streaming Netflix. He can also check his speed at SpeedTest.net and even Google will test his speed.