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Watch Elizabeth from Long Beach, CA Comments

Elizabeth is having an issue with her Apple iMac rebooting randomly. Leo says that overheating may be the culprit. Computers will shut down or reboot when it overheats. But if it happens when she's doing nothing, then overheating is unlikely. A buggy operating system may cause it if a process is running away. It could also be a power issue in her home. Power can be "dirty" and that could be causing it. Using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) could prevent low power and power surges. The electrical cord being frayed and loose could cause this too. It may also be a failing power supply.

TrippLite is a UPS that Leo likes. APS is another option. Cyberpower makes a sine wave UPS that will "clean" the power.

Another solution could be to try and plug it into a different outlet.

Watch Ted from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Ted called in to address Elizabeth's iMac reboot issue. He says that Apple has made a change to the OS and it causes reboots because the RAM is third party. The thinking is that over time, the iMac will "kernal fault" due to a change in the voltage of the RAM.

Watch Aaron from Fresno, CA Comments

Aaron has to carry around two phones and wants to know if Google Voice will allow him to use two numbers for a single phone. Leo says he can, but there are also some phones that will allow him to use two SIMs. Google Fi is a good option. He can also use phone services like RingCentral and Grasshopper. Those are pay services, though. Skype could be a good alternative. Leo just keeps using Google Voice. It gives him a lot of options.

Watch Ben from Memphis, TN Comments

Ben decided to make the switch from Android to iPhone and he thinks he's made a mistake. He did it because everyone else in the family is on the iPhone, but he doesn't get to iMessage with groups. Leo says he can't because Apple's Messages isn't cross platform. Apple doesn't care -- they want to lock users into the iPhone ecosystem.

How can Ben remove iMessages from his phone? Leo says he can deregister his number from iMessage at Or everyone could use a third party messaging app like WhatsApp or Google's new Allo.

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Watch Dick from Silverado Canyon, CO Comments

Dick says that when using an uninterruptible power supply, she'll need to use an isolation transformer with it. It sits in between the UPS and the computer that cleans the power and evens out any spikes. The trouble is that nobody buys them because they can be expensive.

Watch Mike from Tustin, CA Comments

Mike recently "cut the cord" and streams only via Roku. Leo says that what's apparent is that cord cutting doesn't really save money. When you consider Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime subscriptions, he's paying just as much, if not more. That's not the reason to cut the cord. The reason is to send a message that he's not going to take it anymore from the cable companies.

Mike's Roku keeps rebooting. Leo says it could be overheating. He should spread out his devices so there's plenty of air flow. He should also check his internet connection. If it's buffering a lot, his bandwidth may not be sufficient to handle the stream (especially in the evenings where everyone is streaming Netflix). Also just because his ISP says he'll get high speeds, doesn't mean he'll consistently get that. He should check out to see what his speed is for streaming Netflix. He can also check his speed at and even Google will test his speed.

Watch Julio from Arizona Comments

Julio has an internet enabled refrigerator and he can't get to Google Calendar online with it. Leo wonders if it's one of the first refrigerators. Leo says that Google changed the way the calendar works and Samsung probably hasn't updated the firmware to accommodate that new standard. Since his fridge is out of warranty, they have little incentive to fix the problem. There's a technote about it at

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Watch Paul from Montana Comments

Paul wants to buy a hotspot. Leo says that the Karma Go is one he uses. He can pay as he goes, or pay monthly if it is to be his primary subscription. It uses Sprint, so he should check the coverage map. T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T offer similar devices for around $10 a GB. No rollovers.

Watch Stephanie from Arcadia Comments

Stephanie wants to get a new TV to replace their 7 year old HDTV. Leo says that Vizio makes great TVs, as does Samsung, TCL and HiSense. It depends on what is most important to her. Most of them are smart TVs. She'll have to use an Apple TV to stream from her iPhone, though.

Leo says that LG is the best Smart TV. Samsung's smart TV software isn't very good. Stephanie should also get a Roku. Then it doesn't matter what smart tv you have. Also, moving forward, you want your TV to be UHD Premium standard for the best color and dynamic range.

Watch Ted from San Diego, CA Comments

Ted has to install XP every 30 days, even though he bought it. Leo says it's possible that since XP is now "end of life," they may not be activating it anymore. Leo says that it's time for Ted to go to Linux.

Ted also can't install Microsoft Office. He tried to copy the program folder over and it won't work. Leo says it can't work that way. He'll miss important system files. He'll have to reinstall from the program disc.

Leo suggests installing Linux Mint. XUbuntu is another option. Both are free. Then he can use Libre Office, which Leo says is better than Microsoft Office.

Watch Glen from Witchita, KS Comments

Glen is thinking about getting a Google Pixel. How's the signal quality? Leo says that as far as he can tell, it gets great signal reception. But he says that's more due to the carriers, which also add Wi-Fi to calling. So the problems are being solved for coverage. They also use the same radio devices. There's no reason not to get the Pixel, except the price. It's expensive.

Watch Ron from Glendale, CA Comments

Ron bought a new computer, he imaged the drive on his old one, but Office didn't work when he restored a backup to the new PC. Leo says that he has to have the discs in order to update the software and install it. That's why these days software companies have him download the software, so he can install them with a simple download. Life is easier that way.

Watch Pam from Orange County, CA Comments

Pam's internet and email is with Cox, but Cox only keeps mail on the server for more than a month and it keeps disappearing. Leo recommends going with Gmail instead. They don't have a time limit and she can have it grab her email from her existing account. It makes it a much better option. Also, Cox is using IMAP for email, and that's why they're taking the email off. She could set her email for POP and it will download all the email to her computer. FastMail is another option.