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Watch Ariel from Israel Comments

Ariel has been using a Windows laptop for school, but is interested in using Linux on it. When he put it on his laptop, the battery life got worse, though. Leo says to use the Linux TLP battery life monitor. When he installs it, the defaults will help, but he can also configure it.

Watch Audi from London, England Comments

Audi wants to get a mechanical keyboard for his computer. Leo says that the early days of PCs had physical clicking keyboards. It helped with ergonomics, and some think they're more accurate to type on. Not very many people use them anymore. Cherry makes them. He can also check out for more. Leo got his from Razer also makes them for gaming rigs.

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Watch Matthew from Wrightwood, CA Comments

Matthew wants to take paper notes with handwriting recognition and he wants to know if the Surface Pro will suffice. Leo says that the Surface Pro is fantastic. It's a tablet with an attachable keyboard (he should get the type version). It comes with a stylus. He can use OneNote to do it as it's tightly integrated.

Acer also makes these, as does Lenovo with the Yoga. The category is called 2-in-1.

Watch Steve from Beaumont, CA Comments

Steve is ripping all his DVDs and putting him on his network so he can stream them via Roku. He's worried with all the DVDs he's ripping, that he'll wear out his computer. Leo says use does wear down the parts, but not as fast as he might be worried about. It should work fine for Steve's purposes.

Watch Manny from Parkland, FL Comments

Manny's son wants to get into IT, but he's wondering how he could get a job. Leo says that certifications are the diplomas of the IT world. Microsoft and Cisco has CERT programs. He should look at the certs he wants to get and then sign up to get that training. There's even a hacker cert for those who want to work in IT security. Leo suggests ITPro.TV for getting the right training to qualify to test for the certs. Once he gets that first job, then it depends on how good he is at it for getting that second job.

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Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Beth from Studio City, CA Comments

Beth bought Microsoft OneDrive and she backs up her data files on it. But she has two versions of it. Leo says one may be the backup of her tablet files. If they're supposed to be the same, she'll need to make sure they are synced before she deletes one. Dropbox may be a better option because it would tell her which drive is the backup drive. Leo also recommends backing it up locally and then she can delete one.

Beth should look in her OneDrive folder and see which one is backing up. Then she can point to those and sync. Leo recommends SyncToy and Second Copy. Carbonite is also a valuable solution.

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Watch Rick from Glendale, CA Comments

Rick has had a Yahoo account for most of his digital life. But now his daughter is trying to get him to use Boomarang, and it only works with Gmail. So he's decided to migrate over to Gmail. Leo says that Gmail is a great option, but if he's looking for professional level support, then subscribing to Google Apps may be the solution. The chatroom says that GSuite is an option. It's $4.16 a month per user with support.

Watch Sean from Houston, TX Comments

Sean is interested in locking down his network completely. Leo says that routers with Unified Threat Management are the best. Sophos is a good one. In fact, Sophos firmware can be installed into many routers that support open source.

Also, he saw that a local host was located in Vietnam. Leo says that Local Host usually means his own system and it has its own address. Local should originate in his own network. One possibility is a server may be connected to a server in Vietnam via Telnet, and that would imply that his network is compromised. Probably through Port 23. From the chatroom, the country of Vietnam resolves to a local host. It could be a spoofed DNS.