How can I connect my VOIP Box?

Episode 1336 (1:46:25)

Jean from North Hollywood, CA

Jean doesn't have a cell phone and she's decided to move from a landline to VOIP with Ooma. She doesn't know how to set it up, though. Leo says as long as she has internet access, it should work fine. When she connected it to her modem, everything shut down. Leo says she should keep her landline for emergencies because VOIP doesn't have 911 service. So she should keep the least expensive landline called "lifeline service." During a power outage, it will still work.

For her VOiP phone, she could use a router, but her modem may be both a modem and router, so she may need to configure it. There are VOiP routers, but Leo doesn't think Jean needs them. He recommends contacting Ooma to get help on how to connect it up.