How can I backup programs?

Episode 1336 (27:11)

Judy from Texas

Judy faithfully backs up her data and she has all her data in a master backup folder. She's having issues backing up program install files, though. Leo says that Carbonite should back up everything, but it may not be the default setting to backup install files. If Carbonite says that EXEs won't be backed up regardless, then one option is to ZIP up the file, and Carbonite will back up that file. It would be a good idea to backup her data to two external drives and then take one off site. Then she can swap them every time she does a backup.

A good program for this is SecondCopy. It'll offer versioning and will not delete anything in the backup that she gets rid of. Other options are BackBlaze and Amazon's Glacier storage. She can also send Glacier a hard drive for "cold storage," which is long term archival that doesn't require instant restore.

Judy can also get her own network attached storage, like Synology, which would allow her to back them up locally.

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