Apple Announces New MacBook Pro with OLED Touch Bar

Episode 1336 (02:12)

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple announced a new MacBook Pro with an interesting OLED Touch Bar that replaces the function key row. The design is really cool, but technology reporters think that Cupertino has no idea who the new computer is for. Leo also says that people are complaining that Apple is only giving lip service to the Mac platform now, and when it comes to the professional market, Apple has lost its way. Leo doesn't disagree. Pros are complaining that Apple has eliminated key ports like the standard USB, and even the Magsafe connector, all in favor of a USB-C capable Thunderbolt 3 ports. This means that you'll need an adapter to connect a lot of peripherals. Apple still resists putting touch on the screen as well.

This is leading many professionals to move toward the Windows platform.