Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1335 (25:56)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott saw Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, directed by Ang Lee, which was shot in 3D HFR at 120fps. The problem with shooting at that high frame rate is that few theaters can display it. Scott says that Lee is trying to push the boundaries of cinema with a new visual language that breaks the barriers up by 24 fps to save film stock. The problem is there's few projectors that can handle that amount of data. Scott says it's gorgeous, and very compelling. Shooting at that frame rate also meant not being able to wear makeup. Required more of a method acting technique, and more.

Other theaters will still be able to show it, but the film will be "folded down" to 24p using Real D, and Scott says it's a far better at that rate than if you're trying to upscale.