How can I make my SSD run fast again?

Episode 1335 (1:36:57)

Paul from Del Mar, CA
Vertex 2 Solid State Drive by OCZ

Paul wants to know how to get his SSD to run as fast as it did when he first got it. Leo says that SSDs can slow down a little over time and there's a command called TRIM, which can fix it if his OS supports it. It's like garbage collection. If he runs a defrag on the SSD, it will force the drive to TRIM. Leo recommends he do this very rarely though, because it can affect the even wearing of the drive. Will it make it that much faster? Not really. It might help a little, but he'll have to decide if it's worth the trouble.

Not even engineers agree that TRIM is important. Here's a great article on SSDs and how to run them right.

Image By D-Kuru (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 at], via Wikimedia Commons