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Watch Justin from Oxnard, CA Comments

Justin is thinking of switching from Mac to Windows. Leo says that there's nothing he can't do on Windows that he can do on the Mac, but he thinks that developers prefer to use Mac because it's basically a Unix foundation. Leo also says that they may not be fans of Apple's new touch bar interface because the escape key has disappeared unless you customize it.

Justin is concerned, though, about how he can read his Mac formatted drives with a PC. Windows can't read HFS+ without special software. He could format the hard drive with a format that both Mac and Windows can read, such as ExFAT. He should check out this article on "Four Ways to Read a Mac Formatted Drive in Windows."

Watch Rick from Glendora, CA Comments

Rick has a free file viewer, and it's asking to update the HTML. Leo says don't trust that. HTML is the language of the web and the browser reads it. He doesn't need a special "update" to view it. The first thing Rick needs to do is run Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. He can do this by pressing Windows Key + R, then typing "MRT" and hitting enter. He should do the full scan.

Watch Jason from Richmond, VA Comments

Jason wants to know how he should set up his mother's email account. Leo suggest using IMAP, which will download the email but also keep it on their servers. If the ISP doesn't do it, then he can set up a GMail account and have that go get the email and store it there. She can continue to use her old email address while at the same time having a more secure storage of all email.

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Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay wants to use his iPhone as a camera and connect it to a hard drive to record for over a half hour. Leo says that some Android phones could do this with USB to Go, but not with the iPhone. Apple doesn't want users to do that. There's also the case that some processors get too hot over time and as such, will stop recording after awhile. That may also be an arbitrary limitation due to taxation as DSLRs are taxed differently from camcorders.

Bottom line though is that it's Apple's way or the highway. There may be a jailbreak that allows him to do this, but Leo doesn't recommend it as it makes the phone unreliable.

Watch Freddie from Yonkers, NY Comments

Freddie's brother in law died and he's trying to get into his Linux laptop to settle his estate, but he doesn't have password. Leo says that if he can get into recovery and read the hard drive, then he's OK. He could have also encrypted the hard drive to make it impossible to get into it. Since he didn't do that, though, it may be possible to bypass it with single user mode and run with root access by pressing CTRL + S on startup. Or, Freddie can get third party software that can find the password and crack it. Google "Linux Unlock Disc." There's also an option for emergency access.

Watch Paul from Del Mar, CA Comments

Paul wants to know how to get his SSD to run as fast as it did when he first got it. Leo says that SSDs can slow down a little over time and there's a command called TRIM, which can fix it if his OS supports it. It's like garbage collection. If he runs a defrag on the SSD, it will force the drive to TRIM. Leo recommends he do this very rarely though, because it can affect the even wearing of the drive. Will it make it that much faster? Not really. It might help a little, but he'll have to decide if it's worth the trouble.

Not even engineers agree that TRIM is important. Here's a great article on SSDs and how to run them right.

Image By D-Kuru (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 at], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Andrew from Manchester, NH Comments

Andrew isn't much about home theater and wonders if it's really important to get an A/V receiver. Leo says it is, because the speakers in a TV are more of an afterthought. They assume he's going to get a home theater system. If he cares about the sound, which is half of the TV experience, then he'll want a home theater system. He can get a Home Theater in a Box that comes with a Blu-ray player, a mini receiver and a set of speakers for a few hundred bucks. Or he can get a good Denon A/V Receiver with some speakers and hook it into his TV.

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Watch Honor from Long Beach, CA Comments

Honor is running for state senate and she can't send more than a few thousand emails at a time. Leo says that's because ISPs assume she's a spammer. She'll need a service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. SendGrid is another option. The issue is cost, though, and these services will charge her. SendGrid will charge her $200 a month to send 100,000 emails.

Watch Gordon from Glendora, CA Comments

Gordon is having issues with his new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge showing funny lines on the screen. He returned it, got another, and this one is also developing the lines. Leo advises resetting the phone and not putting anything on it. Let it run for awhile. If the lines don't appear, then it could be an app issue. But if it does, then he'll know it's a hardware issue. He's hearing this issue is affecting more phones. Leo says if enough phones have the issue, then Samsung will eventually announce a recall. But his phone is under warranty, so he should just take it back.

Here's a tech discussion about it on Samsung's forums.

Gordon can also call 800-726-7864. Samsung clearly knows about it, but he should definitely take it back.

Watch Rod from Malibu, CA Comments

Rod is looking for a smartphone that has a special feature. His old flip phone had an 'auto answer' feature where he wouldn't ever have to touch the phone. Leo says that any Android phone has that feature, but it's buried deep in the settings. It's buried so deep that many stores don't know about it. iPhone even has this ability in Settings > Accessibility. So he should start with that. Some have a feature that will answer when the phone is raised up.

Watch Kevin from Malibu, CA Comments

Kevin got the new 4K Roku and wants to know the best way to watch TWiT. Leo says that BitGravity High has the highest resolution, so that's the one he'd choose. Where can Kevin find all the channels listed for Roku? has a list here.

Watch Rowan from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Rowan wonders if USB thumb drives are becoming obsolete like so many other data drives before it. Leo says that no format will last forever, but there's still plenty of life left in USB. We need to keep an eye on how technology progresses and transfer the data over when the time comes, though. Rowan will likely be able to get an adapter for USB-C, which is the current standard. The other thing he can do is use an open source backup, like TAR, which will make the backup easily transferrable. The best way is to go into the cloud, though. He should have both.