Would I get better reception with a phone on a regular plan versus a prepaid plan?

Episode 1334 (54:16)

Conrad from Louisiana
Ringke iPhone 5 Case

Conrad just got a cell phone on a prepaid plan. From what he understands, though, getting a phone on a regular contract plan would give him better reception. Leo doesn't think that's true, and says the phones are the same, and the only difference is how he would pay. Admittedly, these cheaper "Go Phones" are not the best phones. Truthfully, though, sometimes the lower priced phones have better antennas than the higher end smartphones because manufacturers try to hide and minimize antenna lines for cosmetic purposes. Conrad has an iPhone 5 on AT&T, which Leo says is a good phone for this. If he were to get it from a reseller like Straight Talk, sometimes that is prioritized lower for data.

Conrad had a little bit of sticker shock though at the cost of the phone. Leo says the most expensive computer a lot of people will ever buy is the smartphone. A new iPhone is at least $600 or $700, and then the cost of data over the course of two years adds up to thousands of dollars. Leo says Conrad probably got the best deal he can get, though.

Conrad is also having a hard time finding a good protective case for it. Leo says he buys his from Amazon. Conrad should check out Ringke. These are $10 cases made from a clear rubber and they're very good at protecting the corners/back of the phone. It won't protect the glass on the front, though. Conrad will want a case that has a cover for that. Otterbox's cases are great for that, but they're about $70. They will definitely protect it, though.