Which virtual reality headset should I buy?

Episode 1334 (16:00)

Rick from Hisperia, CA
Sony PlayStation VR

Rick is wondering which virtual reality headset to buy, or if it would be best to wait until the next generation. Leo says that VR is very convincing and creates an amazing immersive illusion that you're somewhere else. The Oculus Rift has a demo where you're standing on the edge of a skyscraper that's very realistic. There are some shortcomings, however. You can't pick up things and touch things unless you use a game or hand controller. The negative on the Sony Playstation VR is that the move controllers weren't designed with VR, so they can lag a bit. Also, the playstation VR was designed to be used while seated. Oculus is limited movement because of the cords. Only the HTC Vive has the wireless option and that's probably the best of the bunch.

Then there's the choice of games that are available. Sadly, the Oculus has better games, but the Vive is the better technology. It's also expensive. Rick would need an Oculus approved PC to run it, too. The Playstation VR will have 50 games by the end of the year, though. Leo says he should expect to feel queasy when playing as most people do.

We're also in the early days of it, and it's being driven by mobile devices.