What's a good photo printer?

Episode 1334 (2:08:20)

Debbie from California
Canon PIXMA Pro

Debbie has an old HP Photosmart printer and she wants to print some images. Leo says that most printers are wireless now and she can print over Wi-Fi through iOS and Google. She also wants an all-in-one that can also fax. Leo says faxing is dying out these days. She can take a picture or PDF and email it. It's a much simpler process.

Leo recommends the Canon PIXMA Pro 100, Pro 110, or an Epson. Epson is the best if she's printing in Black and White. Leo's not a fan of HP. Leo recommends checking out the Wirecutter. They say the best is the Epson SureColor, but it's not cheap at $800. The Epson Artisan is another option. Even the EcoTank is a great deal. But if she doesn't do a lot of printing, it may be easier to just use a service.

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