How can I edit 4K drone footage so I can zoom into 3D space during playback?

Episode 1334 (43:14)

Eric from Richland, WA

Eric is doing some video editing and wants to know what the best software is for 4K footage. He also wants to know about the best drone to get. Leo says for drone advice, he should check out KnowHow with Father Robert Ballecer (PadreSJ). He does a lot of features on drones and has some tips and tricks on how to buy, build and fly them.

As for 4K video editing, Leo says that just about any video editor will do. As for zooming in with 3D space, that's a function of the video player more than the editor. One option would be Matterport's 3D camera, which is very popular for real estate video. It captures in 3D space. It's not an editor, but it would give him the source footage to make it possible. Leo suggests checking out the VideoLan Client. It supports zoom.