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Episode 1333 October 22, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Carl from Toledo, OH Comments

Carl has trouble reading manuals when he buys a product because they are so small. Even in the PDF it's hard to read. Leo says he can zoom in on a PDF to make it easier to read. Carl is wondering if he can print it and have it larger. Leo says it depends on his printer. The driver has to determine the font size of a document, but he should look in his settings to see if he can make it bigger. Then he can do a print preview to verify. He should look for a "fit to page" setting.

Watch Charlie from Boston, MA Comments

Charlie was having problems with his Obihai VOIP connecting wirelessly, but it works when he connects it via ethernet. Leo says that could indicate a damaged wireless transmitter, or some congestion in the wireless band. Leo also says that either could cause handshaking issues.

Watch Julian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julian is frustrated that app developers don't document the changes when updating an app anymore, because it often will break accessibility features. For instance, if an app was completely redesigned, and it said that in the description of the update, Julian would hold off for awhile because that usually means the accessibility features aren't going to work like they used to. Leo says this is somewhat done for security. Apple in particular doesn't want to disclose what bugs they fixed because they don't want to give out that information. Leo says all Julian can do is complain to the developers about it.

Leo thinks developers also need to pay more attention to accessibility in general. Some companies like Microsoft and Apple have full time assistive technology experts. If the company or app he's having problems with have a department like that, Julian can write to them. Many app developers are much smaller though, and in that case, they could use the feedback to improve their app or website.

Julian also wants everyone to know that there's an assistive technology conference happening Saturday November 5th in Los Angeles. It's a great place to get hands on with some of the latest and greatest in assistive technology. There's also great workshops and presentations. And for those who don't live in Los Angeles, they will be recording the conference and will make it available at the website. Head to for more information.

Watch Bonnie from Devore Heights, CA Comments

Bonnie has a Sharp LCD TV, had FIOS TV installed yesterday, and now the picture quality is terrible. She cancelled it, but now it's still not any better. Scott suspects that the cable that they replaced her HDMI with was faulty or cheap and that caused the inferior reception. Scott suggests connecting her DVD player via component and then connect the satellite box via HDMI, and get a different cable. That should solve it.

Leo also recommends getting a home theater in a box so everything is connected via HDMI. That will improve it even further. At the very least, she'll want to restore it to the previous connection. Leo suspects the installer just rammed through the install after they decided they didn't want it and left it in worse condition.

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Watch Al from Murietta, CA Comments

Al wants to know which Windows laptop to buy that can run macOS. Leo says that Apple will be introducing new MacBook Pro on the 27th and they're considered the best for this application. Some call it the best Windows laptop ever made. So Leo recommends waiting a week to see what Apple has in store. He can't really go any other way.

Watch John from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

John upgraded to Windows 10 on his desktop and his images are missing. Leo says this is a prime reason why you should always backup before doing an upgrade. John did, but he's still wondering what happened? Leo says it's been reported by several people and Leo says he hopes the photos were moved to another folder. It's possible that the images are in a 'Windows.old' folder or that the shared folder pointed to another folder that got deleted. Either way, it's bad behavior on the part of microsoft.

Watch Steve from Harbour City, CA Comments

Steve wants to know if the rated speed the ISP says he's getting is legit. Leo says it's ideal and it's subject to a lot of factors. Broadband often has shared bandwidth, so if everyone is watching Netflix, it's going to slow down. It's also dependent on wireless congestion. Wired is always faster. It can depend on the quality of wiring, the age of the router, and more. It's very complicated. It can even be his computer that's slowing his internet speed down, and one will be faster than another. His phone could have different radios and that could speed up or slow down his signal as well.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie likes the idea of Google Assistant and wonders if it will be coming to home automation like the Amazon Echo. Leo says that the Amazon Echo is a great device and it keeps getting smarter. As for Google Assistant, Google's goal is to have it everywhere, so it likely will be.

Ellie also wants to know if AT&T buying Time Warner will affect her internet access. Leo says no, Time Warner sold it off to Spectrum. The $80 Billion acquisition of Time Warner is all about content.

Watch Robert from Encinitas, CA Comments

Robert wants to be able to listen to a TV broadcast while playing video games. Leo says that Robert will need to mix it. The Xbox should have separate audio output, though, and if the TIVO has an audio out, he can route that to a separate channel and then switch it from his AV receiver.

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Watch Sam from Orange County, CA Comments

Sam has an iPhone 6 Plus and he's going to be upgrading. He wants to know how he can sell his old phone. Leo says he'll get the most money by selling on eBay, but Apple will buy it back and he can just trade it in for the new iPhone 7 Plus. There's also Gazelle. They will give him a good price because the resale value is very high. His carrier will also buy it back, as will Best Buy, but at a fixed price. Gazelle will probably give him a better deal.

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