Why does my mobile phone have ads?

Episode 1332 (1:59:21)

Rob from Long Beach, CA
Moto G from Amazon

Rob bought a Motorola Moto G and every time he turns it back on, he gets a ton of ads from Sprint. Leo says that it could be Sprint that's doing it, but they say it's an app virus. Leo says that Amazon sells subsidized devices which would give him Amazon ads. So if Rob bought it from Amazon, he'll get lock screen offers and ads. That doesn't mean he's stuck, though. He can root the phone and put another ROM on it.

Rob should check out XDA Developers for instructions and custom ROMs that will bypass those annoying ads.

Or he can just return it for the one without ads. It'll cost him $50 more, though. One thing he may be able to do is just pay the extra $50 and have Amazon disable the ads. They do that with the Kindle.