Whats a good audio system for a dedicated home theater?

Episode 1332 (12:12)

Brian from Winterhaven, FL
Emotiva Air Motiv 7.1 speaker system

Brian wants to build a home theater system with a regular projector. Leo says if he has enough depth in the room he's using, it's always better over a short throw. He also wants a flat screen permanently affixed to the wall. Leo says that works, but he can also get one that can be pulled down with a remote control. He should go to MonoPrice for that. He can install it himself and save some money.

What projector should Brian get? Leo thinks Epson is good. That's what Leo uses. Optima is also good. Both are lower in cost, but will still eat up the bulk of his $10,000 budget. The sound could be a Denon AV receiver with a decent 5.1 speaker system. The sky is the limit as far as the cost goes for that, and Brian will get tons of varying recommendations depending on who he asks. He should go to the AVS Forum and read the speaker reviews.

Leo recommends Emotiva. They make very affordable, high quality audio products. The Air Motiv 7.1 system has two towers, 4 surrounds, 7 speakers for $1400. Brian will want to get a subwoofer too. Scott has always recommended the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer sound bar, but Leo isn't much of a fan of sound bars, especially for dedicated home theater rooms.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).